Hyperbaric technology

I am a representative of the Hyperbaric technology in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Hungary... Hyperbaric is the leading global supplier of HPP equipment for the food industry. More specifically, the food industry is increasingly moving towards new product development and innovative processing methods that enable significant progress in food processing and ensure maximum quality.

One of the most successful inventions is precisely High Pressure Processing (HPP). It is a cold pasteurization technique that subjects food, pre-sealed in flexible and impermeable packaging, to a high degree of hydrostatic pressure (pressure transmitted by water in the form of hydrostatic waves) for a few seconds or up to a few minutes. This kind of processing is a natural and environmentally friendly process that respects the ingredients and helps maintain the fresh properties of food, flavours and nutrients. This makes it a real alternative to traditional thermal and more environmentally friendly processing.

For further and more comprehensive information on the complete offer and specifics of individual Hyperbaric HPP pieces of equipment, please feel free to contact me.